District Heating Systems

District heating schemes comprise of a network of insulated pipes which are used to deliver heat, in the form of hot water or steam from the point of generation to the end user. They are becoming increasingly popular and can now be found in hotels, leisure centres, blocks of flats and council buildings, even towns and villages.

These schemes can deliver heat over several miles of pipe work via underground insulated pipes. District heating networks provide the means to transport heat efficiently. Currently they can deliver heat up to approximately 20miles from the central generating plant; although the smaller pipes branching off the main pipes, can be hundreds of miles long.

District heating using biomass comprises of a central boiler system which is then linked to each property or room in the scheme using insulated pipes laid into trenches.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about our 2.4mW Portmeirion District Heating Scheme.

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