Combined Heat and Power

ESP Sales & Service is partnered with Volter to provide the Volter 40 indoor CHP Unit. This Biogas CHP unit provides renewable heat and electricity from wood.

ESP Sales & Service have exclusive distribution rights of Volter parts in the UK, please call the office if you require any parts for your Volter CHP unit.  

Combined heat and power is simply the simultaneous generation of usable heat and electricity. The heat can be used for domestic or industrial space heating or for process heat.

The Volter CHP unit produces 40kW of electric power, 100kW of heating power as warm water and 20kW of power as warm air.  

The Volter CHP system converts wood into gas that fuels a Combined Heat and Power system (CHP), this produces mixture of heat and electricity. This unit offers one of the most cost-effective and low carbon heat generation systems for a variety of applications and is ideal for those who already have an on site supply of useable wood.


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