Tenders available for installation of steel portal framed building

Tenders available for supply and installation of materials and various scopes of work around installation of steel portal framed building

  • Tender 1 – Installation of block walls using 4” solid concrete blocks, internal and external walls with 100mm cavity – estimated 5,000 blocks – Installation only
  • Tender 2 – Supply of building materials including 4” concrete blocks, 100mm cavity slab, 100mm XPS board, sand and cement among others – Supply only
  • Tender 3 – Supply of steel for manufacturing of steel portal framed building – Supply only
  • Tender 4 – Supply of 100mm insulated composite roof panels – Supply only
  • Tender 5 – Supply of concrete for footings and floor pad – Supply only
  • Tender 6 – Supply and installation of liquid floor screed – Supply and installation
  • Tender 7 – Supply and installation of electrical works within steel portal framed building to include lighting, heating controls and various sockets and supplies, 3-phase – Supply and installation
  • Tender 8 – Ground works associated with steel portal framed building – Supply and installation
  • Tender 9 – Supply of underfloor heating equipment – Supply only
  • Tender 10 – Supply of renewable heat source - Supply only
  • Tender 11 – Supply and installation of roller shutter door – Supply and installation
  • Tender 12 – Supply of windows and doors – Supply only

Deadline for tenders: 23rd April 2021

Tenders will be assessed via the following factors: price 70%, delivery proposal 20%, track record 10%

Project start date mid May 2021

For further information on available tenders or a tender pack please contact Ross Collison on 01743718003

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