Our Working Energy Centre

It is often beneficial for potential customers to see the renewable technologies we offer working in situ. If you would like to visit our Renewable Energy Centre, please call us on 01743 718003 so we can book you in for a guided tour. This is a great way to learn more about these renewable technologies from our experts.
Below is a list of the renewable technologies we currently have on site.

Ground Mounted System

This 10kW ground mount installed by our team, consists of 44 Schuco 235w Photovoltaic panels, mounted on a Schuco frame. The frame allowed us to face the panels directly south at 30° to ensure maximum benefits. The energy produced by the panels is converted from DC to AC current by 2 SunnyBoy 5000TL inverters installed by our electrician. The inverters are located next to the panels in a weather proof hut, built by the ESP Energy team.

Solar Thermal

The barn also has a Solar Thermal system installed to run the hot water during the summer months. The system consists of a flat plate collector which is mounted in to the roof, which involved removing the roofing tiles and setting the panel into the roof and sealing all around it with a flashing kit.

400kW PV Array

400kW - Canadian Solar tier 1 solar panels. Installed to maximise the sun all day and reduce electricity costs for the business. 

Battery Storage System

The battery storage system installed consists of two 2kW batteries, one master unit and one slave unit, the system is modular, so at any point more ‘slave’ units can be added on to increase the volume of storage. 

Electric Car Charging point

An electric car charging point installed at ESP offices. 

ETA 80kW Biomass Boiler

We have an ETA 80kW boiler installed to heat offices and workshops on site. 

Roof Mounted System

We have a 30kW roof mounted system which provides our offices and warehouse with free electric. 


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