Shropshire Biomass (Oswestry)

The customer is a well-established supplier of Wood chip, fines for pellets and animal bedding throughout Wales and the West Midlands. ESP Energy were commissioned to design and install an industrial system that was capable of burning the lower grade wood chip that did not pass quality control for being sold to their customers.

The customer was initially looking at many different boilers but the Heizomat’s industrial feed system and the chain and flight de-ashing system gave them confidence that it would be able to cope with the fuel they wanted to burn where other boilers wouldn’t so easily.

It was decided that 2 x RHK AK 1000 boilers would be installed to deliver heat to a 350m2 drying floor and a conveyor dryer.

An additional reason for the customer choosing Heizomat was that they were able to increase the flow temperature of the boiler feeding the conveyor dryer to 105˚C giving additional drying capacity.

A custom fuel store was designed to hold 2 x open troughs with a shared agitator.

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