Moreville, Bridgnorth

The ESP team were tasked with installing a 170kW PV system at this arable farm on the outskirts of Bridgnorth.

Our team were at the property for several weeks installing the Photovoltaic system which first required them to erect the ground mount system and to dig trenches to house the A/C cables from the system to the house.

680 x 250kW Canadian Solar Panels were installed onto the ground mount system facing South on a pitch of 35 degrees as advised by the ESP team to ensure maximum solar gain.

Due to the size of the system, a small wooden shed had to be built at the side of the panels to house the inverter.

The electricity produced by the Solar Panels is used across the farm for agricultural and commercial purposes as the farm also produces beeswax polish and has multiple orchards, the electricity is also utilised in the house and B&B. 

This customer is now signed up to claim a quarterly payment from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

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