Industrial Estate, Newtown

At this industrial estate in Newtown, ESP Energy installed an Volter CHP unit.

The system is capable of producing 100kW of thermal output and 45kW of electricity output every hour for 8,000 hours a year.

The Volter system is fed from a 4.5m diameter water tank on site which contains a shared 4.3m agitator.

The heat generated from the unit is delivered straight to the factory and is shared by the neighbouring offices.

In order to distribute the heat around the factory we installed 4 x 25kW space heaters around the factory so that it takes the chill off but does not affect staff productivity by overheating them.

The project proved difficult as the space to house the Volter Unit was minimal, so some expert manitoe driving had to be practised.

The customer is now happy with the install and will soon see returns on his investment by way of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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