This system consisted of 216 Canadian Solar 230w panels fitted to a double grain shed roof. The installers and electrical teams completed all work in 4 days.

Before work could begin on the roof the installers had to put up safety nets on the inside of the barn, once these were in-place the installers could then access the roof to measure and mark out ready for the Ejot bolts to be screwed in. With all bolts fixed in place 'L' brackets were added, rails were then secured to the 'L' brackets.

Whilst the roofers worked on the roof our electricians installed the inverters, a 15,000TL and 2 x 17,000TL SMA Sunnyboy's, 10 DC and 3 AC isolators and a Elster generation meter. The electricians then ran the DC cable from the inverters to the roof ready for the roofers to test and fit the panels to the rails.

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