Ackleton, Wolverhampton

This customer requested a reliable and efficient solution to heating their house and hot water in in their home. After a site visit and discussions with the customer, it was decided the best option was a Ground Source Heat Pump.

Our team installed an IDM Terra, 15KW Twin HGL 230V Heat Pump along with an IDM Hygenik hot water cylinder.
3 bore holes were required and we replaced all the existing radiators with GSHP compatible radiators.

A Ground source heat pump is a great renewable system to go for if you have a new build or a newly refurbished house, with good insulation. It works especially well with underfloor heating.

As the pictures display, there is a large amount of work involved in digging trenches or in this case boreholes for the pipes to be laid, but as you can see when ESP Energy had finished the job, the garden was put back to it's original state.

This customer is happy with their installation, saving money on fuel bills and receiving regular payments from the domestic Renewable heat incentive ( RHI )  

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