We visited this converted farm site in Lichfield to discuss a renewable technology solution that would suit the customers needs. The farm had been converted in to multiple properties, all individually owned and a commercial property that had a need for space heating.

After exploring different options, it was decided that a district heating scheme would be the best option to deliver the heat to each of the different properties.

The new system replaced 7 oil burners, after the fluctuation in oil prices, the customer felt it was time to investigate other options available. 

We installed a 500kW Heizomat biomass boiler, the system comprised of two 8,000 litre buffer tanks and a 5,000 mm agitator.  400 metres of trenching was excavated for Rehau district heating pipework to be laid, after the disruption caused by the trenches, the turf and concrete was then re laid as new.    

The customer will now benefit from regular Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments on the commercial scheme.

The robust nature of the Heizomat system enables the customer to burn a lower quality of wood chip in the boiler, saving him money on his fuel deliveries.  

The installation took our in-house team one month to complete and the customer is now happy with his returns and greener heating system.   

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