Top 5 benefits of Solar Thermal Heating that you might not know...

Part of our extensive portfolio of Renewable Heat solutions, Solar Thermal Heating uses free heat from the sun to warm the water in your home. Supported by a Boiler or Immersion Heater to give you consistent and hotter water when required, Solar Thermal Heating gives you a variety of benefits:

1. It will reduce your energy bills

Sunlight is a free energy source, so once you have invested in the installation of your Solar Panels and Boiler or Immersion Heater, your hot water bills will be greatly reduced now and into the future.

2. It lowers your Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, heating your water via solar power is sustainable whilst being incredible environmentally friendly. Relax in a warm bath, save in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for future generations

3. Sunshine or not – it works all year round

You don’t need to rely on Mediterranean type weather to ensure reliable heating when it comes to investing in solar technology. Relied upon by thousands already across the UK, your Boiler or Immersion Heater will work with your Solar Thermal System to give you heat that you can trust.

4. Super-Efficient technology

Turning approximately 80% of the sun's radiation into heat energy, the efficiency of Solar Thermal Panels is through the roof!

5. There are no extra fuel costs

As Solar Thermal does not require the use of any fuels in order to work you avoid the rising costs of fossil fuels. This enables you to manage the heat in your home or business on a much smaller budget.

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