Portmeirion Biomass Installation

In the charming village of Portmeirion, North Wales, lies our most challenging and intricate project to date.

If you have never visited the Italian style village, it really is worth taking a trip. Designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 it is now owned by the charitable trust, Portmeirion Ltd.

The popular 1960's television show ' The Prisoner ' was filmed in Portmeirion, showing off the quirky scenery and accomplished acting from such leading gentleman as Patrick McGoohan, the show achieved cult status when an Official Prisoner Appreciation Society was formed in the 1970's.

The installation was completed in March 2016 after 6 months of working through torrential weather. The tourist village stayed open for business throughout the project, so the ESP Energy team were diligent and kept the project on budget and on time.

The development consisted of a purpose built Energy Centre to house a 1.24kW megawatt biomass boiler system, comprising of two 499kW Froling Biomass Boilers and two 620kW backup oil boilers.

A total of 2.5 km of trenching was excavated to lay the necessary pipework to connect the system to 29 properties in the village, including the Castle and the Hotel, this was almost 90% of the villages properties.

As well as providing efficient and reliable hot water and heating for all these properties, the biomass system is lowering the carbon footprint and future proofing for the village for years to come.



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