ESP Energy welcomes news of unaltered RHI scheme

Further to the latest announcement from the Government confirming that the current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme is to remain unaltered for the first quarter of 2018, ESP Energy are ramping up their campaign to increase awareness of the initiative with rural home and business owners in Shropshire.

Focused on helping more people to ‘Go Green’ in 2018 by guiding them through the various options for Approved Renewable Heating Systems and the government funding available, Mike Collison, Director at ESP Energy comments:

“We were delighted when we learnt that the current RHI scheme is to remain as it is for the short-term. Currently, the public are acutely unaware of the incentives that are out there and of the fact that the Government will pay you to move away from fossil fuels to a cleaner renewable way of life. ESP Energy has helped many local businesses, farmers, builders and rural homeowners gain access to the RHI pay-out, whilst effectively and efficiently heating their properties and reducing their energy bills. Our priority is to broadcast this information and to help people to reap the many benefits that the RHI Scheme provides.”

Helping people to save money through the RHI Scheme, whilst simultaneously enabling them to reduce their impact on the environment, ESP Energy are keen to inform people on the alternative ways that a home can be heated without the use of fossil fuels. A typical four-bedroomed house can be heated using a Ground or Air Source Heat Pump and Heating System, linked to radiators or underfloor heating. The Government Grants available will, in most cases, pay for the costs of the system over seven or twenty years, depending on the type of Renewable Funding available. Combined with a Solar PV System, and possibly a battery storage system, energy bills can become lower now and in the future.


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